Machinery & tools



AWEA AF-860 - T1-510520.RR fixX - ROTOMATION - 29689 - mill.masch
Fehlmann Picomax 56L - EA-510.L ROTOMATION - mill.masch
Amada xx - T1-510520.LL fix - grind.masch
Askar Smart Mill 1005 DX - T1-510520.LL TAP2 - mill.masch
Blohm Profimat MT - EA-520 RFX - [52136] - grind.masch
Bridgeport V480 - T1-507510.LL TAP1 - mill.masch
Brother TC-32BN FT - T1-507510.LL fix - mill.masch
Brother TC-32BN FT - T1-520520.LR varioX - mill.masch
Brother TC-S2DN - TF-510510.LL varioX - mill.masch
DMG MORI DMC 1035V eco - EA-520.L-MA - mill.masch
DMG MORI DMC 1035V eco - EA-520.L - mill.masch
DMG MORI DMC 1150 - EA-520 on gredoc - mill.masch
DMG MORI DMC 1150V - T1-520520.RR varioX - mill.masch
DMG MORI DMC 1450V - T1-510520.LL TOP2 - mill.masch
DMG MORI DMU 65 - EA-520.L RFX - mill.masch
DMG MORI ecoMILL 1100V - EA-510.L - mill.masch
DMG MORI NHX 6300 - EA-520.L LFX - mill.masch
Fanuc Robodrill D21LiA5 - T1-507510.LL TAP1 - mill.masch
Fanuc Robodrill D21LiA5 - T1-510520.RL TAP2 - mill.masch
Fehlmann Picomax 56L - EA-510.L ROTOMATION - mill.masch
Haas VF2 - TF-507510.RR TIP1c - mill.masch
Kondia - EA-510.L - mill.masch
Makino PS105 - EA-520.R RFX - mill.masch
Mazak VCN 430 - T1-510520.LR TOP2 - mill.masch
Okamoto - EA-510.L - grind.masch

Machinery & tools – Focus on cost pressures

Whether for machinery or equipment manufacturing, tool or mold making, construction or machinery for the consumer goods sector: machining is a core discipline everywhere. The user must frequently be able to respond very flexibly to changing requirements and workpieces. This makes the evaluation of production machinery especially demanding. While the 5-axis machine not infrequently appears to be the best solution after cursory consideration, something different is frequently found to be the case upon closer consideration: a 3-axis standard machine complemented with a 4th or 4th/5th axis when necessary. In this way, the user is frequently not only much more flexible, he can also machine a considerably wider range of workpieces, needs less space and on top of it all pays less. Many solutions using pL LEHMANN confirm this.