Medical & dental



Amada Techster 84 - T1-507510.RR TOP1 - grind.medi
Brother SPEEDIO S700X1 - TF-510510.LL varioX - mill.medi
Brother TC-32BN FT - TF-511510.LR - mill.medi
Fanuc Robodrill a-T14iF - T1-507510.LL varioX - mill.medi
Fanuc Robodrill a-T14iFs - TF-507510.LL varioXA - mill.medi
Fanuc Robodrill - TF-507510.LL TIP1 - mill.medi
Fanuc Robodrill - TF-510520.RR fix - mill.medi
Haas VF3 - T1-510520.RR TOP2 - mill.medi
Hasegawa PM150 - EA-507.L - mill.medi
Hasegawa PM250-5X - TF-507510.LL vario - mill.medi
Toyoda FV 1165 - T1-510520.LL fixX - mill.medi
Wissner Gamma 303 - TF-507507.LL - mill.medi

Medical & dental – Efficiency and process reliability

Although many 5-axis machining centers were used in the medical device sector years ago, this approach has come under review in many plants starting a while ago: instead of bulky 5-axis machines, up to 3 small, compact 3-axis vertical machining centers are in production today in the same space, most equipped with 4th or 4th/5th axis from pL LEHMANN. In this way, it was possible to reduce not only the direct, but above all the indirect investment costs significantly: a major increase in production capacity without having to expand production buildings.