Micromechanical parts & watches

Almac CU 2007 - TF-507510.LL varioX - mill.micro
Almac CU 2007 - TF-510510.RR varioX - mill.micro
Almac VA 1008 - TF-507510.RR spez - mill.micro
Brother SPEEDIO S500X1 - T1-507510.LL TAP1 - mill.micro
Brother SPEEDIO S500X1 - TF-510510.LL varioX - mill.micro
Dama USG - EA-520.L - grind.micro
DMG MORI DMP 70 - T1-913915 TAP9 - mill.micro
Fanuc Robodrill a-T21iFL - TF-510510.LL vario - mill.micro
Fanuc Robodrill D21MiB5 - T1-913915 TAP9 - mill.micro
Fanuc Robodrill - T1-913915 TAP9 - mill.micro
Haas CM-1 - TF-507507.LR-HAA - mill.micro
Mikron VCE 600Pro - T1-507510.RR TAP1 - mill.micro
OKUMA MB46 - T1-520530.LL TAP3c - mill.micro
Schaublin HSM 330 - EA-507.L - mill.micro
Tongtai TMV-510A - TF-507510.LL varioX - mill.micro
Tongtai VU-5 - T1-507510.LL TOP1 - ultra.micro
Tongtai VU-5 - T1-507510.LL varioX1 - ultra.micro
Tongtai VU-5 - T1-913915 TAP9-SI - mill.micro
Tongtai VU-5 - TF-507510.LL varioX - ultra.micro
Tsugami VA35E - EA-507.L - mill.micro
Willemin W401S2 - TF-510520.LL vario - mill.micro
Willemin W408 - TF-510520 vario - mill.micro
Willemin W408S2 - TF-xxx520 vario - mill.micro

Micromechanical parts & watches – Innovation and cost pressure

Precision, innovation and individuality have characterized watches for generations. What was considered out of date in the 1970s is a booming market today: The mechanical wristwatch. Although prices sometimes reach astronomical values, cost consciousness and productivity increases are omnipresent. New products, manufacturing methods, machines and opportunities continually present the industry with new competitive challenges. If investments were made in perhaps overly expensive production systems here – because it was possible to do so – modern and lean solutions are likely to be in demand in the future. Many applications using CNC rotary table machines from pL LEHMANN confirm that this is not "yesteday's news".