Additive Manufacturing



DMG Lasertec 30 - AM-LOCK - add.others
Haas VF2 - T1-507510 with AM-LOCK - add.others
Hwacheon DMX-01 - T1-510520.LL TAP2 - add.demo
SISMA MySint 100 - AM-LOCK -
SLM 125 - AM-LOCK - add.others
SLM 280 - AM-LOCK - add.others

Additive manufacturing

"3D printing in metal powder bed, transfer for post-processing, measuring, cleaning... without losing the zero point."


Challenge: The LPBF method is becoming increasingly popular for the production of complex and/or ultra-light metal workpieces. However, in order to achieve the necessary productivity and achieve significant scaling effects, it must be possible to automate on an industrial basis. Additively manufactured metal components usually have to be reworked, but there are neither systems nor mechanisms that can be automated, as has long been the case with machining.


Investment consideration: From a technological point of view, 3D printing is largely well under control. Enormous productivity potential lies in post-processing. Therefore, the printed workpieces should be able to be seamlessly transferred from the AM machine, e.g., to the machining center, both manually and automatically, without losing the zero point.


Practical expectation: A zero-point system that can withstand the high temperatures of up to 500°C on the AM machine, ensures high positioning accuracy and thus enables hybrid printing. At the same time, the workpiece pallets should be able to be removed after 3D printing and clamped positively and non-positively on the machining center, for example, without manual intervention. Produce continuously and separate from the carrier pallet at the last possible moment. You have a solution with AM-LOCK from pL LEHMANN.