EDM / Waterjet



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Finepart Finecut VMC 500 II - TF-510520.LL fixX - eros.aero
OPS Ingersoll EAGLE 800 - TF-507510.LL - eros.aero

EDM and waterjet cutting

«Leaktight, bubble-free, high-precision creep mode, waterjet >3'000 bar» 4 or 5 axes


Challenge: Increasingly complex workpiece shapes and types require rotation during machining, simultaneously. Intern, this requires that the CNC rotary tables in the bath are 100% leaktight to IP 68. Furthermore, the machining process does not tolerate any air bubbles. Electric current, high pressure


Investment consideration: If a 100% rust-free solution is not required or if an additive (rust inhibitor) can be added to the water bath, the proven CNC rotary tables from pL LEHMANN are especially attractive. The large assortment opens up a wide variety of possible applications on almost every EDM or waterjet machine.


Real-world expectation: Well-engineered technology must contribute to high availability and low maintenance. And finally, the user needs a variety of standardized clamping systems in a free market for optimal clamping of workpieces of any kind or use of handling systems and robots for semi-automatic or fully automatic operation. pL LEHMANN offers it all.