Laser / Engraving



Sisma Laser - EA-508 - laser
Elb-Schliff Smartline N10KGT - T1-507510.LL TOP1 - laser.others
GF Microlution ML10 - EA-510.L -
GF Microlution ML5 - EA-510.L -

Engraving and laser machining

«Thermally stable, precise, accessible: Solutions with standard products»


Challenge: While engraving demands the smoothest possible operation and best control quality, stable thermal behavior is the primary primary requirement during laser machining (depending on the application). Without active cooling; if necessary, with special cooling plates.


Investment consideration: The application requirements are special. For this reason, the technical competence of the rotary table manufacture is especially important in order that the machine manufacturer can meet his own specific needs in the best possible manner. The standard pL LEHMANN design already offers practical technical capabilities (see catalog) based on extensive FEM analyses. This allows simulations of static and dynamic as well as thermal behavior.


Real-world expectation: Well-engineered technology must contribute to high availability and low maintenance. And finally, the user needs a variety of standardized clamping systems in a free market for optimal clamping of workpieces of any kind or use of handling systems and robots for semi-automatic or fully automatic operation. pL LEHMANN offers it all.