Ferranti - EA-508.R-Q light - meas.komp
Leitz PMM-C 12.10.07 - EA-510 - meas.others
Mahr Digimar - EA-508.R-Q light - meas.komp
Mahr Perthometer - EA-508.R-Q light - meas.komp
OGP - EA-507.L -
OGP Quest 650 - TF-507507 - meas.others
OGP Vantage 450 - TF-507 - meas.others
Werth - TF-507510 - meas.others

Measurement technology of the future

«Close to production, automation-ready, operation without oil and air as well as maximum precision: Efficient measurement applications»


Challenge: Measuring in the nano range is the highest achievement in the manufacturing industry. Temperatures, contamination and vibration have a significant effect on the measurement result. These factors must be kept to a minimum. At the same time, productivity is expected to increase as the result of shorter processing times and measurement cycles. The pressure for measurement close to production is becoming ubiquitous.


Investment consideration: It should be possible to measure workpieces as close to production as possible. Measurement should be automatic whenever possible and use the clamping means and devices commonly found on production machinery. Using one- or two-axis rotary tables from pL LEHMANN, two or more measurement applications are possible on the same machine: e.g. shaft measurement, coordinate measurement and roundness check in one. CNC rotary tables from pL LEHMANN that can be operated without compressed air, without hydraulics and with maximum reproducibility are ideal for this purpose.


Real-world expectation: Well-engineered technology must contribute to high availability and low maintenance. And finally, the user needs a variety of standardized clamping systems in a free market for optimal clamping of workpieces of any kind or use of handling systems and robots for semi-automatic or fully automatic operation. pL LEHMANN offers it all.