Grinding / Ultrasonic



Amada Techster 84 - EA-P08.R with tablet control - grind.demo
Mägerle - EA-P08.R with tablet control -
Amada Techster 84 - T1-507510.RR TOP1 - grind.medi
Amada xx - T1-510520.LL fix - grind.masch
Atec T800 CNC - EA-507.L - grind.komp
Blohm MC - T1-510520.LL TGR2 -
Blohm MC - T1-510520.LL TOP2 - grind.komp
Blohm Planomat - EA-507.L LFX -
Blohm Planomat - EA-520.L - grind.komp
Blohm Planomat - EA-520.L LFX - grind.others
Blohm Planomat HP - EA-507.L - grind.komp
Blohm Planomat XT 408 - EA-510.L - grind.komp
Blohm Planomat XT 408 - EA-510.L vertical - grind.komp
Blohm Profimat MT 608 - T1-520530.LL TOP3X2 - 55593 -
Blohm Profimat MT - EA-520 RFX - [52136] - grind.masch
Blohm Profimat - T1-520520.LL varioX - [44870] -
Blohm PROFIMAT MC 607 - T1-510520.LL TOP2 - 32655 -
Blohm Prokos - EA-530.L -
Chevalier FMG-1632 CNC-HF - T1-507510.LL varioX -
Chevalier Smart-B1224III - EA-510.R - grind.komp
Chevalier Smart-B1640 - EA-507.L -
Chevalier Smart-B818III - EA-507.L - grind.komp
Chevalier Smart-B818III - TF-507510.LR - grind.others
Dama USG - EA-520.L - grind.micro
Ekin - EA-510.L -
Elb-Schliff smartLine BD10 ZRT - EA-510.L - grind.demo
Elb-Schliff smartLine Kombi N10 - EA-510.L - grind.others
Jones&Shipman - EA-510.R - grind.demo
Lapmaster Wolters - EA-510 L- grind.komp
Mägerle - EA-510.L-R -
Moore Tools - EA-510.L - grind.others
Moore Tools - TF-507510.LL fix - grind.others
Okamoto - EA-510.L - grind.masch

Grinding in production

«Precise, 100% leaktight, rigid & play-free: Production grinding with long-term precision, on 4 or 5 axes, reliably»


Challenge: In high-performance grinding situations such as deep grinding, profile grinding, tool grinding or other challenging grinding processes, production systems are subjected to demanding requirements. Grinding sludge, maximum precision and the best surface quality along with occasionally extremely high coolant pressures are often part of everyday life.


Investment consideration: The complexity of the grinding process requires careful evaluation. When equipped properly, a CNC grinding machine should manufacture demanding workpieces over the course of many years in a high-output production situation. Selection of the CNC rotary table is not infrequently decisive for the success of the project. Leaktightness, smooth running, load-bearing capability and maximum precision are only a few of the criteria that CNC rotary tables from pL LEHMANN satisfy. In addition to these, the standard pL LEHMANN design already offers practical technical capabilities (see catalog) based on extensive FEM analyses. This allows simulations of static and dynamic as well as thermal behavior.


Real-world expectation: Well-engineered technology must contribute to high availability and low maintenance. And finally, the user needs a variety of standardized clamping systems in a free market for optimal clamping of workpieces of any kind or use of handling systems and robots for semi-automatic or fully automatic operation. pL LEHMANN offers it all.