Workpiece clamping


Workpiece clamping

"Optimum production is only possible if optimum clamping is used; this can only be achieved if the optimum clamping device can be used: we can help"


Challenge: The workpieces are becoming more complex. Lot sizes are decreasing. Delivery times and costs are under pressure. Automation is on everyone's lips. Individual clamping devices must inevitably give way to standardized and available solutions.


Investment consideration: Standardized clamping devices available on the free market can only meet the challenge if there are suitable interfaces for them on the machine side (or rotary table side). Quick changeover to other clamping devices without design adaptation prevents long downtimes and problems due to "teething troubles".


Practical expectation: Standardization across the board enables the worker to use those clamping devices that meet their needs. These must be quickly available, easily, and quickly mounted and adaptable to the different workpieces. pL LEHMANN offers interfaces to over 20 different clamping systems or brands - as standard.