ALL - pl-Rotary Tables in operation.mp4
EA-507 - OGP.mp4
EA-507.L - HHosmart.MP4
EA-507.L - HHosmart_1.MP4
EA-510 - MAS MCV1000 Speed.mp4
EA-510 - Mazak VCP 400S.m4v
EA-510.L - LEITZ PMM-C 12.10.07.MOV
EA-510.L - MAZAK VC-PRIMOS 400L 2APC.mp4
EA-510.L EA-510.R - HURCO.mp4
EA-510.L rotoFix - BROTHER TC-32BN QT.mp4
EA-510.R - DMG MORI NVX 5100.mp4
EA-511.L rotoFix - BROTHER Speedio.MOV
EA-530.L rotoFix - DOOSAN VM 750.MOV
EA-530.R rotoFix - HYUNDAI WIA KF6700.MP4
EA-915 - PINNACLE.mp4
modification CAD models - 06.18.mp4
ripas system - simulation.mp4
ROTOMATION - indoor-Automation mtB - Haas-VF2.mp4
T1-507510 FAN1 - FANUC Robodrill B5 turbine blade.MOV
T1-507510 FAN1 - FANUC Robodrill.mp4
T1-507510 varioX1 - BROTHER.mp4
T1-507510.LL TAP1 - PRIMINER.mp4
T1-507510.LL TOP1 - HAAS VF2 - reinmechanic.MOV
T1-510520 fixX - cube 42 kg.mp4
T1-510520 varioX - YCM.mp4
T1-510520.LL TAP2 - HURCO.mp4
T1-510520.LL TAP2 - PRIMINER.mp4
T1-510520.LL varioX1 - FANUC Robodrill+Heule - DPM.mp4
T1-511520.LL varioX WMS - DMC ecoMILL 1035V.mp4
T1-913915 TAP9 - FANUC Robodrill.mp4
T1-913915 TAP9 - FANUC Robodrill_1.mp4
T1-913915 TAP9 - FANUC Robodrill_2.mp4
T2-510520.RL TOP2.2 - STAMA MC-331-TWIN.mp4

pL LEHMANN rotary tables – Data availability around the clock

Our customers live in different time zones, speak a variety of languages and need information at different times of the day and night. In the Download area, pL LEHMANN offers a wealth of information at no cost – 24/7 365 days a year.

Catalogs and operating manuals are available in up to 10 different languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. In addition, all pL partners have access to a powerful APP where almost all information from the Download area is also available offline at any time and if necessary can be send directly to the customer electronically from a smartphone or tablet.

Some file types, e.g. the 3-D models for CAD systems (volume models), are accessible only in a protected area. A login request is required for this.

pL LEHMANN holds the copyright for all data available herein. The brand name pL LEHMANN is internationally protected by copyright. Pictures and diagrams are only intended for the use in promotional documents and technical documentation and only for OEM customers (original equipment manufacturers) of pL LEHMANN. Any other use is subject to copyright terms. In case of doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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