pL LEHMANN rotary tables – THE flexible modular system

CNC rotary tables from pL LEHMANN are available in four sizes: 507, 510, 520 and 530 with center heights from 110 mm to 240 mm, suitable for faceplates of 100 to 500 mm. With these four sizes, it is possible to create over 170 different variants and combinations – from the simple single-spindle 4th axis to a 4-spindle tilting rotary table with a 4th and 5th axis.

The modular system permits subsequent conversion at any time and expansion of the rotary able in order to handle new machining tasks without immediately having to invest in a new rotary table – a bonus for the accountant!

In addition, the standardized spindle system allows use of an extremely wide range of workpiece clamping systems. As a result, the production system can not only be set up optimally for the initial workpiece range, but rather can also be converted quickly at any time to new clamping challenges when the workpieces change – using standard components on the market.

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