Interesting bargains

There are constantly new interesting opportunities: used rotary tables of well-maintained quality with pL warranty:

Demonstration rotary tables

T1-510520.LL TOP2-S2 – A13591

  • Spindle HSK-A63/Ø80mm
  • AC motors Sanyo (200V)
  • servoPACK suitable for machines Brother Speedio SX…1/SX…2
  • Year of construction 2019
  • Discount: 15%

Used rotary tables

T1-507510.LL TOP1c-Y2 – A13204

  • Spindle HSK-A63/Ø70mm
  • AC motors Yaskawa SGMJV04, SGMJV08
  • Suitable for machines Haas-Maschinen with Servos Sigma 5
  • Year of construction 2019
  • Discount: 35%

TF-510520.LL fix-F1 – A8748

  • Spindle HSK-A63/Ø80mm
  • AC motors Fanuc Alpha 2/5000is (200V)
  • Year of construction 2012
  • Discount: 50%

EA-507.L – A8238

  • suitable for Brother type TC-22B-0
  • Clamping cylinder SPZ.5xx-9
  • Year of construction: 2011
  • Use in the medical industry on Brother.

€ 5000.-

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