Direct drive rotary table  –  series 900 DD

The versatile 900 series direct drive rotary tables are particularly suitable for HSC milling, mill-turn machining, modern hobbing (power skiving) or even demanding grinding operations. This transforms a simple and cost-effective 3-axis milling center into a fully automatable, multi-functional 5-axis machine. The housing of the 900 DD series is fully sealed to IP 67 and even rotations of well over 2,000 rpm are no problem. A specially developed Fail Safe system brakes the spindle to 0 within a very short time (e.g. With an emergency stop or power failure) without damaging the rotary table.

A wide range of accessories and clamping options are available for the standardized front and rear interface. The sophisticated clamping cartridge concept ensures that the workpieces remain clamped even if no power is supplied. This means that the high safety requirements of international standards are met in the best possible way.

Benefits and features

High speed
up to 5,450 rpm

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Milling, turning, turn milling and grinding possible

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Innovative sealing IP 67

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Safety thanks to Fail Safe clamping

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Application help and details

Connection dimensions for spindles

Geometry accuracies


Definition drive data

Calculation of loads and forces

Machining forces

Thermal response

FEM analyses

Application information

Technical explanations


Operating parameter reference values: The 900 series rotary tables are the ideal solution for workpiece sizes of up to approx. 100 mm dia. × 100 mm long and when turning and/or grinding operations account for 30% of the overall machining process.