Accessories and clamping devices  –  900 DD series

Work can only be carried out efficiently with the right accessories and clamping devices. pL LEHMANN rotary tables are optimally prepared for this. The MTS (Modular Tooling System) offers an extremely wide range of possibilities thanks to the standardized spindle system. In combination with the clamping cartridge system, which is clamped when no power is applied and can therefore meet safety requirements, many different workpiece clamping systems are available. This means that the production system can be set up optimally and changed again later if necessary - with standard components from the market.

Do you already own a pL LEHMANN rotary table? No problem, most accessories can be retrofitted without any problems.

Spindle accessories

Thanks to the spindle adapter (SPI.91x), various accessories from the 500 series can also be combined with the 900 series. It allows a very high flexibility.

The clamping cartridge system (SPZ.91x) guarantees secure clamping of your workpieces. Clamped by spring force and released pneumatically. This means that work can also be carried out safely at high speeds.

By means of 4- or 6-flow rotary union (DDF), air, oil and/or cooling for partial axis can be cleanly passed on.


Clamping and automation

The faceplates (TPL) are available in different sizes for the 900 series and allow easy and fast manual clamping. Alternatively, a robust spiral chuck/3-jaw chuck (BFU) can be used.

Precise angular positioning can be achieved with the space-saving HSK interface ripas (RIP). Clamping is either manual or automatic.

Thanks to collet clamping systems (ZSP) and numerous other products from renowned manufacturers, there is a solution for (almost) every workpiece. Whether manual or automated. Ask us - we will be happy to help you!


Tailstocks, cooling unit, automation

The tailstocks (RST) are supplied with MK3 cones and can be operated either manually, hydraulically or pneumatically.

If the duty cycle is high, a cooling unit (AGG) can contribute to safe operation or higher accuracy.

With indoor automation (REM), small parts can be produced efficiently and unmanned without requiring additional space. Request our special catalog. We are happy to help you.


Electronics and control

pL LEHMANN rotary tables are compatible with many types of machines and therefore require different motors (MOT) and cables (KAB).

If a machine should not be equipped with a rotary table provision, a separate CNC controller can be used. The machine and the external controller are coupled together using M functions.