We are also there to help after the purchase

pL LEHMANN is represented internationally by a "Global Network" and present in approximately 20 countries. Both the sales advisors and service technicians at all partners have in-depth training on pL LEHMANN products and services. Thanks to an international e-learning system and very detailed technical documents, competence is checked not only with regard to existing products, but is also expanded promptly regarding new products and product modifications.

In addition to being qualified, every pL support center is equipped with the latest in tools: special tools, measuring equipment and detailed technical documents. Moreover, every support center has access to the pL intranet, where thousands of replacement parts can be ordered immediately from the e-shop. Thanks to daily updating of inventory levels and restocking time, delivery times are known immediately.

And finally, a great deal of attention was devoted to the service friendliness of CNC rotary tables from pL LEHMANN in order to keep downtime as brief as possible. Thanks to sensors and electronic applications, every partner can, in an emergency, receive support directly from headquarters via teleservice. Or the customer is advised in advance to perform maintenance, depending on the usage. Real industry 4.0 / smart factory.

Have you encountered a problem?

Each pL representativehat trained pL service engineers and a spare parts warehouse. Where necessary, our specialists from Switzerland are available to all representatives. Depending on the type and scope of the problem, the pL service point will decide together with you:

  • Service on site at your premises => more information in this respect can be found under "On-site-service"
  • Repair work at the pL factory or at the pL service point => more information in this respect can be found under "Repair / overhaul"


Do you need spare parts?

If you need spare parts, please use the form available under "Spare parts". Your order will immediately be forwarded to the responsible pL representative.


Do you need training?

pL LEHMANN offers different training course programs. Information in this respect can be found under "Customer training".

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