pL LEHMANN is represented internationally by a "Global Network" and present in approximately 20 countries. Both the sales advisors and service technicians at all partners have in-depth training on pL LEHMANN products and services. Thanks to an international e-learning system and very detailed technical documents, competence is checked not only with regard to existing products, but is also expanded promptly regarding new products and product modifications.

In addition to being qualified, every pL support center is equipped with the correct tools: special tools, measuring equipment and detailed technical documents. Moreover, every support center has access to the pL intranet, where thousands of replacement parts can be ordered immediately from the e-shop. Thanks to daily updating of inventory levels and restocking time, delivery times are known immediately.

And finally, a great deal of attention was devoted to the service friendliness of CNC rotary tables from pL LEHMANN in order to keep downtime as brief as possible. Thanks to sensors and electronic applications, every partner can, in an emergency, receive support directly from headquarters via teleservice. Or the customer is advised in advance to perform maintenance, depending on the usage. Real industry 4.0 / smart factory.

Spare parts

1. Order

For inquiries, please fill out Form. The responsible pL service center will be informed immediately via e-mail and contact you as quickly as possible. Minimum order value, net CHF 57,- / € 50,- / $ 63,- / £ 44,-

2. Delivery

  • Goods issue if material is in stock
    •  next day: orders received by 4:00 p.m. CET
    •  second day: orders received after 4:00 p.m. CET
    •  Express: Order received by 11:00 a.m. CET = Order shipped the same day
  • Goods issue if material is not in stock: request a delivery time

3. Shipment

  • Always organized by pL, costs to be borne by the orderer
  • Prices, shipment times and other conditions according to Shipment information

On-site service

Your first point of contact is the respective pL representative in your country. In more complex cases, the factory service from Switzerland will be involved. For emergency cases within Europe, equipped service cars and corresponding specialized personnel are available to pL.

Diagnosis and troubleshooting have priority. Specialized expertise is crucial:

  • Precision mechanics
  • Hydraulic / pneumatic systems
  • Control and drive engineering
  • CNC and PLC expertise
  • Experience in customs clearance

Prevention is better: Regular service - with the right tools and spare parts - is also urgently needed for means of production. With activeService, failures can be avoided and availability increased.

Repair and overhaul work at the factory

1. Principle

We recommend only having repair and overhaul work on your pL rotary table carried out at official pL service points and/or by personnel trained by pL. All local pL representatives can offer this service or know how to organize it.

2. Repair and overhaul work at the factory

In order to be able to help you as quickly as possible, we ask you to refer to the operating instructions prior to contacting us. ... Maybe, your problem is already described there and a corresponding solution provided. If the operating instructions are not available to you, please download them.

3. Registering repair work

  • Serial or system no. (see type plate)
  • Exact machine designation (brand, type, year of manufacture)
  • Name, type and software version of the pL CNC control system (if available)
  • Approximate date of delivery (when the goods are expected to be delivered to pL LEHMANN)

4. Returning the system

For all aspects regarding return shipment and correct delivery documents, see Shipment information

Unfortunately, we have to refuse to accept the goods if

  • the goods are not registered with us according to the instructions
  • the goods are delivered outside the hours of operation: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday

Return shipment to Switzerland  

1. Contact

Please contact us. We will organize the return shipment from your premises to the premises of pL LEHMANN. Please request the correct value of the goods from us prior to dispatch (pro forma value)

2. Prepare the documents

Use our standard template (sample invoice), always FCA (Incoterms 2020). Please specify the correct origin; otherwise, the goods will lose their preference and you will have to pay the import duty on reimportation (only applies to countries which have free trade agreements with Switzerland)

3. pL LEHMANN delivery address

Peter Lehmann AG
TKD Department
Bäraustrasse 43
CH-3552 Bärau
Phone: +41 (0)34 409 66 88
Fax: +41 (0)34 409 66 80
E-Mail: Aktivieren Sie Javascript um diese geschützte E-Mail Adresse zu sehen.

4. Shipment tracking

You can conveniently track the shipments online. Ask us for the tracking number.


Shipment information

We make deliveries via our comprehensive service provider: TNT SWISS POST AG, Wiggermatte 2, CH-4665 Oftringen

Brazil: The costs are calculated up to arrival airport Guarulhos; the follow-up costs vary depending on the value of goods: collection fee (3 % of the value of the goods), official storage from the first day (2 % of the CIF value of the goods)

Customer training

pL LEHMANN offers different training course programs:


For the service engineer of the machine manufacturer and importer (OEM):

Main focus on commissioning / application / troubleshooting of the pL rotary tables used by the OEM

For the user's service engineer

Main focus on maintenance / servicing / repair of existing pL rotary tables

Your advantages

  • Shorter downtimes in the event of a malfunction
  • Fewer failures and faster (re)commissioning
  • Independent of the pL LEHMANN or pL representative office hours
  • Longer operating and service life of your rotary table

Helpline Switzerland

Important: Before you talk about your problem with one of our factory specialists, we ask you to contact the responsible pL representative. In an emergency situation our helpline will be available to you as follows: