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Delivery times / prices for shipments ex works




£ Sterling

Brazil: The costs are calculated up to arrival airport Guarulhos; the follow-up costs vary depending on the value of goods: collection fee (3 % of the value of the goods), official storage from the first day (2 % of the CIF value of the goods)

Return shipment to Switzerland  

>> Delivery time +1 day!  <<

  • Use our standard template (sample invoice), always ex works; the fixed rate (see above) will be considered when issuing the invoice.
  • Contact Frachtsped (see below); Frachtsped will organize the return shipment from your premises to the premises of pL Lehmann
  • Please specify the correct origin; otherwise, the goods will lose their preference and you will have to pay the import duty on reimportation (only applies to countries which have free trade agreements with Switzerland)
  • Please request the correct value of the goods from us prior to dispatch (pro forma value)


pL LEHMANN delivery address

Peter Lehmann AG
TCS department
Bäraustrasse 43
CH-3552 Bärau (Switzerland)

Phone:   +41 (0)34 409 66 88
Fax:        +41 (0)34 409 66 80
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We make deliveries via TNT SWISS POST AG, our comprehensive service provider:


Amsleracherweg 8
CH-5033 Buchs


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