MRT Castings ‘turns the tables’ on Brothers

18. June 2021

The machining flexibility, precision and speed delivered by our pL LEHMANN CNC rotary tables is now proving invaluable to MRT Castings.

Company vacation

16. June 2021

We are on company vacation from July 24 to August 8 and will be glad to be at your disposal again from August 9.
The service and shipping department are served throughout.
Please send us your inquiries to
For service cases please contact our Helpline on

Visit us at the EMO exhibition in Milano from 04.10.-09.10.2021

03. June 2021

We look forward to seeing you!

The rotary table for the measurement technology

02. June 2021

Discover the new product range for the metrology – predestined for shop floor applications. Will be presented for the first time at EMO 2021.

The new AM-LOCK brochure has arrived!

02. June 2021

The zero point clamping system for economical production from 3D printing to the finished workpiece.

LEHMANN rotary table puts CNC Techniques in pole position for quality

01. June 2021

Given the compact nature of pL LEHMANN’s CNC rotary tables, they allow work-holding devices to be located alongside them inside VMCs

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