If necessary, we refrain from accepting orders...

We strictly comply with statutory provisions and regulations as well as international practice.
In doing so, we do not directly or indirectly support any intentions of third parties that violate these specifications.


Statutory duties

We do not support any active or passive bypassing of statutory duties such as

  • income tax and corporate income tax
  • value added tax
  • customs duties

On the contrary, we duly and properly declare our goods, strictly comply, for example, with the rules of origin as defined by the free trade agreements and do not support any dishonest or even untruthful information.


Export control

CNC rotary tables are DUAL-USE goods and are subject to international goods controls (e.g. Wassenaar Arrangement). Thanks to an internal control system and strict compliance with the relevant provisions and regulations, pL LEHMANN has been the holder of the extraordinary general export permit (Ausserordentliche Generalausfuhr-Bewilligung, AGB) for years.


We are authorized to deliver

  • alle of our rotary tables
  • in every accuracy class
  • in 70 countries
  • without a specific license
  • at all times.

We strictly and immediately comply with

  • embargos
  • sanctions and administrative measures
  • obligation to report in the case of suspected critical end use

The internal organization is checked by means of audits at regular intervals and the audit results are submitted to the authorities.


Humanitarian efforts

pL LEHMANN also supports humanitarian efforts. In addition to directly supporting social institutions, we refuse to benefit population groups, regions and companies that do not comply with international humanitarian principles. Therefore, we deliberately refrain from procuring goods and services from countries and regions that seem to be at least questionable in this respect.


Other provisions and regulations

We ensure optimum compliance with all statutory and administrative provisions and requirements such as

  • anti-trust law
  • commercial law (e.g. Swiss Code of Obligations)
  • standards and directives (e.g. EU Machinery Directive)

In the event of uncertainties or lack of legal bases outside Switzerland, we adhere to the recommendations of the Swiss legal system.