If necessary, we refrain from accepting orders...

We strictly adhere to statutory regulations and ordinances, as well as international practices. In this regard, we support neither directly nor indirectly any intentions of third parties that violate this requirement.

Statutory dues

We ensure the best possible compliance with all statutory and official requirements, and do not support any active or passive circumvention of, for example,

  • antitrust & anti-corruption laws
  • commercial law (e.g. Swiss Code of Obligations)
  • standards and directives (e.g. EU Machinery Directive)
  • income and capital gains tax
  • value added tax
  • customs duties

We duly submit our declarations in accordance with the regulations, strictly abide by, for example, rules of origin as defined by the free trade agreement and offer no support for dishonest or false information.

In case of doubt or lack of legal foundation outside of Switzerland, we abide by the recommendations of the Swiss legal system.

Export control / Military equipment

CNC rotary tables are DUAL USE commodities and subject to international commodity controls (e.g. the Wassenaar Agreement). Thanks to our internal control system and strict compliance with the regulations in this respect, we have held the exceptional general export license (AGB) for a number of years.

We are authorized, within the limits of the law, to ship to over 70 countries without obtaining individual permits.

However, we strictly abide by

  • the statutory requirements
  • embargoes
  • sanctions and official measures
  • reporting requirements in case of suspected critical end use

The internal organization is regularly reviewed on behalf of the authorities by means of an audit.

Irrespective of export control, any assistance to customers is prohibited if we have indications that our products are being used to manufacture weapons of war. Weapons for protection, sport or hunting are exempt from this rule. In case of doubt, our CEO decides.

Occupational health and safety (EKAS)

System and organization serve to fulfil the statutory regulations (EKAS Directive). It is in the interest of all, not least of each individual employee, to maintain a high level of occupational safety and to minimize or prevent accidents and the costs incurred as a result. This is our goal and our intention.

  • We are focusing on the following key issues:
  • Safe workplaces reflecting state-of-the-art technology
  • Healthy, competent and motivated employees
  • Lean, efficient occupational safety organization
  • No "work to rule" mentality; instead a positive attitude to life – day-on-day
  • Avoiding every preventable accident: acting instead of reacting
  • Cost savings and productivity gains are welcome side effects

Human rights and employment law

pL LEHMANN supports humanitarian efforts. Besides our direct support for social institutions, we reject any form of preferential treatment for communities, regions and companies that fail to abide by international humanitarian principles. Therefore, we deliberately desist from the procurement of goods and services from countries and regions that would appear at least questionable in this respect.

Having regard to the prevailing Swiss Equality Act (GIG), the employer makes every effort to prevent discrimination and bullying, and forbids anyone from being discriminated against or harassed, either directly or indirectly (verbally, in writing or by gesture, etc.) on account of their...

  • gender (male or female)
  • origin (foreigner or Swiss national)
  • color
  • religious orientation and attitude *
  • language

This applies to the recruitment process, allocation of tasks, arrangement of the working conditions, remuneration, training and development, promotion or dismissal.

We comply with the prevailing employment laws. Any kind of bullying, disrespect and sexual harassment is forbidden. Abuse such as child labor, slavery, compulsory labor, etc. will not be tolerated. Appropriate measures will be taken against any violation.

We also undertake to pay living wages. At the same time, our suppliers are also required to pay living wages themselves and to pay attention to this in the supply chain.

* the exercising of cult or religious activities during working hours and on the company premises as a whole is forbidden in any case

Other provisions

Further provisions and requirements on all of the aforementioned subject matters are laid down in any internal directives.


See separate site: Sustainability

Coming into force

The compliance instructions are an integral part of personnel regulations and, as such, mandatory to the extent required by the employment contract.

Binding nature by language

The above version is a translation of the original German text. The German version is binding in all cases.


Bärau, 2022-12-01

Name of the Administrative Board


Hansruedi Lehmann